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Move forward – custom data analysis

Do you have lots of data and want to extract all valuable information?

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Real world datasets are often messy and complex. We know how to deal with challenging data. Let us take a look. We’ll tell you how long the analysis would take and how much it would cost

Be competent – user trainings

Want to be competent at analyzing your data?

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We offer user training for JMP for a broad range of topics, from data visualization to design of experiments and advanced predictive modeling. We can make tailor made training just for your needs

Save time – active collaboration

Do you need a statistician but can’t afford one full time?

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Historical data can reveal many useful information about your system or a process. But the real value is in planned experiments and planned data acquisitions! We’re here to support you before you even start gathering data

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Data analysis software for Mac and Windows


JMP is the data analysis tool of choice for hundreds of thousands of scientists, engineers and other data explorers worldwide. Users leverage powerful statistical and analytic capabilities in JMP to discover the unexpected.



Predictive analytics software for scientists and engineers


As the pro version of JMP statistical discovery software, JMP Pro goes to the next level by offering all the capabilities of JMP plus advanced features for more sophisticated analysis including predictive modeling and cross-validation techniques. Users can harness the power and speed of the supercomputer on their desk to explore and understand data in an easy-to-use interface.

About The Company


Culmium is an authorized member of the JMP Partner Program. JMP has been a part of SAS since the first version of JMP statistical discovery software was launched in 1989, bringing interactive data visualization and analysis to the desktop. SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Through innovative solutions, SAS helps customers at more than 60,000 sites improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster. Since 1976 SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®.


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The Core Capabilities of JMP

Data Acquisition

Explore data easily in many forms – import Excel files, read text files and pull data from ODBC-compliant databases.

Data Cleanup

Screen data for outliers, entry errors, missing values and other inconsistencies that can compromise your analysis.

Data Visualization

Explore and graph data dynamically, developing visualizations that tell the story of your data.

Basic Data Analysis

Use histograms, regression, distribution fitting and other analysis tools to launch data exploration.

Text Exploration

Extract words and phrases or visualize and organize words to uncover latent information in your text.

Group, Filter and Subset Data

Quickly arrange data to identify emerging patterns and focus on key findings.

Design of Experiments

Design your experiment based on the problem at hand, accounting for budget, timing and other constraints.

Statistical Modeling

Understand trends and patterns using statistical models to better learn about your business, competition and customers.

What-if Analysis

Demonstrate patterns of predicted response and the effect of each factor on the response with scenario analysis.

Reliability Analysis

Gain insight into product performance, pinpoint defects in materials or processes, and address design vulnerabilities.

Quality and Process Engineering

Use JMP to enhance quality – minimize customer complaints and deliver products and services that exceed expectations.

Consumer and Market Research

Understand and adapt to evolving markets using data mining, survey analysis, choice experiments and other tools.

Sharing Results

Share your dynamic visualizations in a variety of formats, whether your audience has JMP or not.

Automation and Scripting

Use scripting to automate processes, regenerate analysis reports and add new JMP capabilities.

Making JMP Your Own

Customize every aspect of JMP settings to work the way you think.

Analytics Hub

Use the JMP interface to leverage other analytics tools, such as SAS®, MATLAB, R and Python.

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